In the coming years, digital health will lead to better, targeted and more cost-effective care. This will be achieved by continuous monitoring that identifies patients’ actionable conditions, assessing therapy effectiveness and providing earlier indicators of possible disease progress. The main question facing the medical community is: how to minimize the size of an autonomous implant while ensuring adequate energy density for continuous long-term operation ? Injectpower answers this unmet need with an innovative safe, rechargeable and highly reliable solid-state micro-battery technology. It offers an unprecedented high-energy density solution on an ultra-thin substrate. The technology is supported by more than 16 years of development from the leading French R&D institute CEA-Leti. Based on an optimum power management driven by the application that ensures an extended lifetime for continuous monitoring, the injectpower micro-battery perfectly answers medical device requirements. It has already demonstrated over 1000 cycles and a 10-year lifetime.